Thursday, May 26, 2011

A World of Contradiction and Contrast

I haven't commented on the tornado devastation that has shaken the lives of too many Americans in recent weeks.  I am at a loss for words.  I can't imagine losing earthing, let alone one's loved ones, in a few moments and in such a violent, frightening way.  Here in the Northeast we had a very minor tornado last summer and I remember the sound of the wind that struck fear in my gut as I ran to the basement.  It was a mere breeze compared to the storms that ravished the midwest of late.  That said, we wish all those affected  the strength and fortitude to carry on.

And then there's Newt who protests that he and his family "live frugally" while carrying a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany's and the French financial guy who is on house arrest in a $50,000 per month rental in NYC.  If Newt want's to learn about the meaning of frugal, I'm sure there are plenty of Americans who can demonstrate the concept.  I'm sure he doesn't hang clothes on the line to save electricity or shop at Discount Food Outlet or redeem cans and bottles for an extra tank of gas.  And how many Americans would be thrilled to have $50,000 PER YEAR to live on?  Certainly those who lost everything in the tornados would be among them.


  1. Newt is so out of touch it ceases to be funny.

  2. Maybe compassion neutered Newt should be reminded that some of us lost all of our life's savings during the banking and Wall Street crisis which was caused by Republicans.
    The concept of living on your Social Security check I am sure is one he can't grasp.
    great post

  3. Newt is a pig in every sense. Which raises the question of why prosperity is wasted on such as that.

    There's no answer, of course; but it does make you wonder about the set-up of the universe.



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