Saturday, April 30, 2011

Young at Heart

Leon and I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing a Young @ Heart Concert this evening, thanks to a generous gift of free tickets provided by the Director of Development and a board member of the company I do grant work for.

These seniors from Northampton, Massachusetts are pretty gutsy and talented folks, a few walking up to the mike with a cane to do solos.  The group does song and even a bit of dance.  Many of the tunes are pop and rock songs of the 60's.

Their renditions give the words to many old songs a slightly different nuance:  "Staying Alive" for one, takes on a whole new meaning!

They have done concerts all over the US and in Japan, Australia and Europe.  Check them out if they perform in your town.  While their voices may not be perfect pitch,  their enthusiasm and spirit are inspiring.

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