Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drop Dead Diva on Netflix

Drop Dead Diva is a Lifetime series that we discovered on Netflix - watch instantly.  This show has no gay characters so far, but the show very is gay nonetheless. It is up there with Golden Girls, maybe even better.  I don't generally go for the premise of "people switching bodies" or "guardian angels" but the writing is so good, you start to really take the premise for granted.  If you can get past the hokey soul-switch proposition, and I think you will, and into the extremely likable characters and the story lines - you will thoroughly enjoy watching.

The combination of the two personalities in the smart but not slim attorney, Jane serves as the basis of any number of comic and thought-provoking situations:   the reincarnated "Fashion Diva and Valley Girl type and now deceased Deb Dobson" embodied in the "Intelligent, Serious, Work-aholic, Sweet-eating, compassionate, Lawyer Jane" is superbly pulled off by Brooke Elliot.  As the series progresses, Jane becomes more and more integrated and seamless.  The other characters also reveal a greater depth as the series progresses.  The writing is top notch;  it is funny, serious, sad, happy and smart and interesting.  The legal story lines are as good as any TV lawyer series. There are also some cute guys of course and a lot of emerging romance.  Highly recommended.

Here is a clip

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I like the premise, and I just put it on our instant queue.



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