Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lives Taken Over by Snow

I hate to keep posting about snow but for our friends and relatives down south and in Arizona who visit this blog, this is our way of sharing the beauty of the New England winter.  Here's Leon shoveling the roof.
Great exercise, but riding a bike in Florida might be a little more fun

 Me with snowblower and Benni 
 Making a dog run around the backyard
Coming around the shed

 Leon shoveling the roof - this may be the winter that broke our backs.


  1. Riding a bike in Florida? Not only is it dangerous but I wouldn't recommend it as you might get mugged.
    I haven't used my bike in years.
    The absence of snow is ok but this is high price to pay in exchange for plummeting property values and no jobs. I'd take the snow any day.

  2. We had a nice bike ride in Pinellas Park last winter - granted it was a bike trail, but very enjoyable. And no New England hills, to boot.

  3. Depends on WHERE you are in Florida. But then if you're in a place where it's peaceful enough to ride then you're in the middle of a retirement community. No fun!

    I am now officially sick of snow and ice!

  4. I'm really feeling bad for you folks in NE. Winter here in southern Ohio hasn't been bad at all, but considering there is a good 6 weeks of winter left, I know all too well it could all go to hell.

  5. Actually, I think the grass IS greener in Florida.



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