Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let Me Eat Cake

The Republicans scare me so much, I am compulsively cooking to avoid watching TV.  If we were in New Orleans, we'd be celebrating Carnival right now at some King Cake Party.  Well, I've got the Cake if you've got the party.


  1. Looks absolutely scrumptious, Frank. If my Cajun ex-roommate hadn't been down with a cold, I would have tried to prevail upon him to make a king cake this week too. What a neat way to hook the end of Christmas to the next big holiday.

    If you're Catholic, that is. You guys know how to party. The joyless Protestant reformers (other than the Anglicans) stripped all the fun and beauty out of church, and life too in many ways: the baby and the bathwater both went right out the door.

    Hell, I never even heard of a king cake till I was nearly 40! But love 'em now.

  2. Hi Frank:
    Thanks for the vote of confidence...but I am not outrageous or untruthful enough to even come close to Rushie Bouncy Bouncy.

    I will eat cake if only I could afford it. lol


  3. Sad as it is, the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and the slaying of a federal chief judge and a 9 year old girl born on 9/11/2001 is political gold.

    It can't get any better than that if you want to paint the conservatives (Repugs, Tea Baggers, Palin, Beck et al>) into a corner.

  4. The Palin "connection" to the shooting - her defining targets in the cross-hairs - is absolutely sickening. see:



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