Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - Some Party

Didn't even crack open the Bubbly....

We had a New Year's Eve get together at our place.  Just eight of us - no seven, as one was at home with the flu.  Man, what a party!  Everyone arrived around six, and we had some cheese and crackers, a little wine and chit-chat.  Some lazy stuffed cabbage, some chicken drumsticks, coffee and cheesecake.  We were partying so hardy, I forgot to take pictures!  Everyone was gone by nine and Leon and I were in bed by 10:30.  So much for ringing in the New Year!  But I slept well, so I have no complaints today.  Leon is working today, so it doesn't seem much like a holiday.  And, I made $100 bucks to boot as I sold our old fridge that's been sitting in the basement, on Craigslist to a couple whose fridge crapped out last night.  I hope the trend continues.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Russ, Stan, Cubby, Raulito, Mauro, Truthspew and all who stop by from time to time, including Paul & Michael in Tucson...I see your e-trail...



  1. Happy New Year! I'm very impressed you made it to 10:30. You have us beat by 20 minutes.

  2. And a happy new year to you also!

    I zonked at about 10PM. We were in North Carolina and I have to be honest, driving takes a lot out of me.

    Put 2,000 miles on the rental. Of that, nearly 1000 were within NC itself just in the area between Weeksville and Gum Neck.

  3. The Carolinas can go on forever seems.

  4. What a party, indeed. And in bed by 10:30? Better watch out, they might revoke your gay card for stuff like that.

    All best in the new year to you guys.



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