Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few Gay Popcorn Movies from Netflix

It is soooo cold outside we don't like to venture out much after dinner.  Although we did go to the movies last Saturday night just because we had a gift card and we were going stir crazy.  We saw True Grit and we both enjoyed it - a good old fashioned Western.  I don't think I ever saw the original with John Wayne as I never liked him.

We've subscribed to Netflix for a couple of years and get both instant viewing on our TV via the internet (many newer TV's have built-in WiFi so you don't need a Roku or PlayStation box to do this) and you also get one DVD at a time - all for a modest monthly fee of $8.99.  We've been watching a lot of English TV series and Gay themed movies.  We really like the Donald Strachey mystery series that aired on "here! TV" - which we don't get on Dish.

The series stars cute gay actor Chad Allen (who has a long list of TV and Film credits) who, in the series plays Donald Strachey, a gay "butch" private detective in Albany, NY.  (The series is actually filmed in Toronto, I think).  The story lines are well written, the videography is very well done with a hint of the old fashioned detective movie feel,  and the actors are excellent.  Each movie also deals with gay issues like harassment, discrimination, DADT, suicide, reparative therapy, etc. and presents a very realistic portrayal of gay characters.  The issues are superbly interwoven with the storyline, are not preachy or political - but very thoughtful and reasoned.  And the movies are highly entertaining with some eye candy to boot.  (The only flaw I found with the filming was that the Toronto weather did not always correspond to the sequence of scenes in one episode.)  Not a lot of violence, and no ear-piercing soundtracks. Highly Recommended.  So, put the popcorn in the microwave and check out the following on DVD: On the Other Hand Death, Shock to the System, Third Man Out and  Ice Blues. 


  1. Oooh - Ice Blues is available in Watch Instantly. Other movies are DVD only damn it!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. This looks really good and different compared to the crap offered on regular network TV or for that matter even LOGO.

  3. You just can't beat the value of Netflix. We love it. In fact, I think if Netflix was a man, I'd marry him! LOL

  4. On behalf of the cast and crew of the Strachey movies, a heartfelt THANK YOU for the lovely words about our films. We loved making them, and I'm so delighted that you found them entertaining to watch! Many thanks, Ron Oliver, director, "The Donald Strachey Mysteries".

  5. Wow! Ron, I am flattered that you took the time to visit my blog and comment on the post. We sincerely enjoyed the movies! And the "behind the scenes" special features on the DVD that contributed to our appreciation of the films. Thanks for doing such a fine job. - Frank

  6. I've not heard of these here in the UK so thanks for alerting me to them as they look really good. I'll try the UK version of Netflix, "Love Film"



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