Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Trip

Took a day trip to the shore - Stonington, CT and Misquamicut, RI with Leon's nephew and his wife. Had a real nice day.

Lace hydrangeas 

Kids having fun

Eye candy

A colonial era cul-de-sac

Have fun on Connecticut beaches

Dinner is coming

Four O'Clocks are blossoming


  1. Cool looking lighthouse there, almost looks like a church. And wow I love 4 o'clocks, never seen any striped ones like that, my grandma had bunches in her yard.

    Is that "Miami Beach" really in CT? And are they really that anal retentive up there?

  2. LOL! That sign with all the "NO" rules is like the beaches here in Jersey. And you have to PAY $$$ to go on them even!

  3. Yeah, how they named it, I'm not sure. It's been there for years, right next to Hawk's Nest and Sound View - all small "beach associations" of property owners. And do they love their rules! There are few "public access" beaches in Connecticut and the State beaches have lots of NO FUN rules as well. That's why we go to Rhode Island!



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