Monday, July 26, 2010

First Heirloom Tomatoes of the Season and an Old Scrap of Paper

The tomatoes are ripening and summer is slipping by quickly. The hot, hot, humid weather we've had for the past month has been a bit out of the ordinary for Nw England but great for the garden. These are the first of the 9 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in the garden. Had a great tomato salad yesterday.

BRANDYWINE (added 8/4)

Flowers for color

I have no motivation to post anything on any serious topic. Summer is that kind of season.  I would prefer to be at the beach for the summer...but then who would care for the garden?

Now, the old scrap of paper......................
June 1971 (To J.V.)

Summers always mix me up.
A sound, a smell, the feel of warm sun on sun-baked shoulders,
body molded to soft hot sand,
half asleep,
a fleeting memory in guise of a dream.

Eight years ago and not something you can get hold of – an
adolescent emotion.
It’s hard to be twenty-three
when you’ve stayed fifteen for eight years,
eight summers.

I think in summer I’ll always be fifteen,
somewhere deep inside.

It’s as if there’s something there
I left unfinished.
Perhaps it was only a sand castle washed away
by a tide come too soon.

Yes, it was something like that.


  1. Could there be anything better than a home-grown tomato?

  2. the tomato's look wonderful! I've gotten a few Jersey tomato's also and it's a much better crop this year than last.
    I agree the sunny hot and humid weather we're having has been great for them.
    I'm loving my grilled cheese/tomato sandwich for lunch every day.

  3. The way you Yankee boys carry on about "sunny hot and humid," sure do wish I could bottle up a truckload of our TX weather in kegs and ship it to ya. We got an overload of that stuff here, my yard is the color of dry toast now.

    Lovely pics of tomatoes and flowers, Frank. Really love the poem - awesome.

  4. Russ - New England has its extremes - last summer was Monsoon from April through August. This summer the heat/humidity set records. And I won't even mention WINTER!

  5. got to agree with Russ here. it was 105 today, and will be higher all week... this happens each summer in most of TX. however it's all relative and what you are used to. our bodies addapt but extremes always tax us.
    about the hierloom tomatoes, been wanting to try a few varieties as they are really different (for something that has been around for a while)... if you are not already a fan go to a fun place. have you heard of Green Zebras, i had a taste last summer and its tangy and zesty, and i want to grow some next year. all your toms look great!
    and the poem... well Russ and i were just discussing how summer dog days (anywhere) take it right out of you, and how our blogs have suffered from lack of motivation. i can certainly identify with the mood you were capturing there.

  6. Merci, Monsieur Pierre,
    We just had word on the morning news that July 2010 was the hottest on record here in the Northeast - Southern New England. I've been highly unmotivated to write - I'm sure the heat has played a part. It's easier to post a few pics. The tomatoes are great this year ... and there are about five more different heirlooms coming. Picked a Box Car Willy yesterday and the Brany Wines will come in a week or so...meanwhile I'll check out your blog.

  7. PS - one ought to say what it is one likes when giving praise. Forty years ago right now I was 15, and unknown to me at the time about to be hit with a stunning change in the landscape of my world. So the idea of "15" and the elegiac sense of loss in your poem resonates with me.

    Also, the sandcastle metaphor works beautifully there to get the point across: the picture worth a thousand words. Thanks for an enjoyable and memorable poem.



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