Saturday, May 8, 2010

That Was the Week That Was

Clouds in a Blue Sky

Well, it's been a while since I posted, but it's been a recovery week.  Last weekend and the weeks leading up to it Leon, who is President of the local chapter, (and by association, I) was involved in pulling off the chapter's annual Lambda Car Club Invitational Event.  Why our event is held in New York State is a mystery to me.  However, be that as it may, we worked our tails off.

It Was Pollen Season in the Hudson Valley
FDR's Place Across the Street from the Motel

Unfortunately, Leon did not get the support he deserved from other Club Officers and members, so he (and I) were left to order the food, ice and beverages for the Friday Meet-and-Greet, plan, reserve the caterer, order the food, get registrations, collect the money, and arrange the payment for the main Saturday Evening Excellent Buffet.   Leon also arranged for a Junk Yard Tour (car buffs like doing that sort of thing, go figure!) and for discounts at a local motel.  He made sure the Club's Banner was posted outside the restaurant and answered (stupid) calls all weekend about the events.

The Saturday Evening Car Club Excellent Buffet Event 

Leon does all this out of his enthusiasm for Old Cars and the Guys in the Club.  And I do it only out of love for Leon, as I could care less about old cars.  The weekend brought not only unusual heat (in the nineties) for the Northeast, but major pollen allergies as well.  My sinuses were in overdrive.  The weekend activities took a lot out of us, especially because we worked so hard and the turnout was not quite what we had hoped.  On Sunday morning when Leon suggested we return home early rather than go to the Antique Car Show Field for several hours, I secretly offered a prayer of thanksgiving.

The Light at the End

The rest of the week has been averagely busy and today dealing with some fallout from a disgruntled club board member who has little right to complain.  So, here we are again, no worse off for the wear and tears.

Ribbons For My Honey for A Race Well Run

And Some Woodland Flowers to Sooth the Senses


  1. Sounds like you guys worked pretty hard on the car club event with results that were not as good as you had hoped for. I'm sure Leon was glad to have your help, even though the club members didn't show as much appreciation as they might have. Anyway, good show!

    Hope you're getting rested up after all that.

  2. Coppola's buffet IS real good!



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