Friday, May 21, 2010

A New Blessing

Not only did a gorgeous Iris blossom in the garden this morning....

But Aunt Merri from Lab Rescue called Leon and I in to take delivery of our new puppy....

"Benni", (Benedict Bentley or "Benni-Benni") is about 8 weeks old and is a Labrador-Weimaraner mix and is very laid back and playful. He has black slivery fur and blue-green eyes. We came up with the name Benni - don't mock us - because we wanted something that had a German connection but a more Southern European flavor (guess) and something sophisticated (expensive auto) as well.

At home with Leon
Benedict means Blessing

Benni's first Movie:


  1. I'll be the first of the hundered-some-odd people that will tell you this, but he looks like Bruno when he was a puppy.

  2. Yes, more like a Lab than not. So you are nephew Joe, I presume or Joe from Burlington, or...

  3. He's too cute!!!! Congatulations!! What a great way to start out the Summer!

  4. Aww, what a sweetheart that Benni is! Looks like a truckload of fun and love to me, so glad for you guys.

  5. What a total cutie!!! I bet you guys will spoil him absolutely rotten! Good for you!
    Have fun and congrats on the new kid in the family.

  6. Thanks Homer. Cute but he's got a mind of his own for sure...he's going to be a handful.



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