Saturday, May 15, 2010

Put to Rest

Leon and I decided that it was time to put Bruno's ashes in the ground.  With our rocky soil we could have never dug a hole big enough or deep enough to accommodate him without cremation.  So we found a nice spot near a large outcropping of rock and dug a hole for his box of ashes.  We planted some pachysandra - he loved pachysandra - and placed a marker that my cousin Rose got for us on the rock with liquid nails.  Still need to clean up the white goop that oozed out around the plaque.

I'm thinking that it was just around this time in 1994 that Bruno found us in the park and asked us to be his family.

The rock is in the right-of-way on the west acre where we've planted evergreens and mowed to make the area park-like.  We also planted some giant pumpkins, cucumbers, sunflowers and dill.

Later, I put more veggies in the garden and except for the hot peppers and the sweet peppers, it is pretty much all planted.

Tomorrow we go to the Lab Rescue place to look at some puppies.


  1. I agree with Mark Twain: if dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go where they do.

    The one thing I know for certain is that Bruno lives on in your hearts, where nothing can hurt him now.


  2. Good on you for giving Bruno a final resting place.

    And I agree with the Mark Twain quote. I'd just add one caveat, please don't make me allergic to them when I get there.



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