Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping Busy, Out of Trouble and Out of Touch or My Week With Food or Improvising With Dry Vermouth


Since picking up the Puppy a week ago last Friday, we've been busy either showing him off, entertaining friends, or keeping one eye on the boy. Last Saturday Benni met the Girls, Remy and Lady, two Scotties at our friends home where we had a nice chicken barbecue (or was it grilled chicken?). Remy had been ill but seemed to enjoy the young pup. (Today we learned that Remy,  had gotten worse during the week and had to be put down. We know how sad our friends are).

Last Sunday, another friend and his mom came over for a nice visit, coffee and doughnuts, then we went to Blondie's for burgers and fries. Just before they left another friend called to tell us that Stop and Shop had clams on sale and that he was going to get some and bring them over so that I could make linguini and clam sauce. Although I had planned to eat lightly that evening, good intentions aside, we all enjoyed a nice big bowl of Linguini con le Vongole in Bianco.  (And,as I was fresh out of white wine, I had to improvise with Dry Vermouth).  (Remember Phoebe Snow "It must be Sunday... It Must be Monday, Everybody's Drinking Vermouth)

This Memorial Day weekend we went to PTown to visit another friend who is staying at the campground. Steven is not much of a cook and as it would take a small loan to eat at PTown's restaurants, Leon and I brought groceries. Friday night was Pasta with Sauteed Eggplant and Roasted Peppers, Breaded Chicken Cutlets, and Broccoli; Saturday night I made Salad, Shrimp in Butter Sauce and Brown Rice.

Back home today we had company again - everyone wants to see the new puppy - my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew, three friends joined us for Seasoned Italian Burgers (basically meatballs - with chopped onions, seasoning, breadcrumbs, eggs, made into patties, then grilled), homemade cole slaw, potato salad  (compliments of Claire) and macaroni salad and hot dogs (compliments of Joe and Andrew). Plus desserts (brought by Claire and Steve).

I think I'm tired of cooking. This week it's going to be pizza, Chinese and supermarket take-out. Then I can get back to reading all your blogs, catch the first episode of the new season of Burn Notice, listen to PBS and the Nightly News and stay in touch with the progress we're all making toward ensuring a timely Armageddon.  I think I should improvise with Dry Vermouth.


  1. I'm tired of cooking too, so we are going out to dinner tonight. Plus, it's my husband's 56th birthday. So where does he want to go for dinner? He wants stir-fry, which is something I make three days a weeks regularly. Maybe he's trying to tell me something.

  2. Frank you better not be feeding Benni those Meatballs. He'll end up chubby like Nutmeg. None are to touch that bodacious Roy-Al bowl!!!!!!!!!!
    Now aren't you sorry you gave me Benni's blog addy.
    Wags to all
    Auntie Merri

  3. You'd think I would have learned already not to read your blog on an empty stomach. Yummmmm.

    I have to go find food now.



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