Thursday, April 8, 2010

Around The Yard

The weather here in the Northeast has been spectacular and summer-like. Sunny and in the hight 80's.  I am way ahead of schedule with yard work this spring which means more time to enjoy the yard and gardens.

Yesterday I got a truckload of free pavers.  Lifting close to 2000 pounds of concrete in about an hour was quite a workout for an old guy like me.  Problem is, I don't have a specific project in mind.  

Did some Roto-tilling today.  Getting that straight line along the front is a real challenge.  I'm a little off as you can see.

Now this monstrous invention gave me a real workout.  I think plowing behind a Wild Horse would have been easier.

The Prickly Pear Cacti are getting erect.  They lay flat to the ground in winter, then perk up in spring.  These are a variety native to the Northeast, particularly Martha's Vineyard and the New Jersey Shore where I've seen them growing wild.  I've had these specimens or their ancestors for over 25 years.

The cactus garden gets full of leaves in the fall and winter.  I don't suppose folks in Arizona have to blow Oak, Maple and Birch leaves out of their cacti.  This is another monster to deal with.  It works for 20 minutes or so, then quits.  After a good night's rest it will work another 20 minutes tomorrow.

These are cacti specimens that are not winter hardy so they've been in the basement all winter.  Some are bare root, some are cuttings.

These are the potted cacti that have been in the sunroom all winter.  They are lined up on the stone wall ready to go into the cactus garden.

This year I am trying to get some seedlings started.  Flowers, basil, some hot peppers, lettuce.

A new see-through Pride Flag...oops, that's upside down, isn't it?

These look like aliens.

But they are in fact "fiddle heads" - newly sprouting ferns.  A springtime delicacy among French Canadians.


Getting the outdoor shower ready to hook up.  We have hot and cold water outdoors, just for this.

"Snow Drops" in 80 degree weather.

Purple Rhododendrons 


Hosta sprouting up.

Bonsai Pine

"Bleeding Hearts" emerging.

And Jacob's Ladder.

The Geranium that's been in the sunroom all winter.

Japanese Iris

Hens and chicks - sempervivum

Variegated iris.

This was one of the first gifts that Leon gave me; it made me cry because it's so sentimental.  It's got to be 20 years old by now.  It is also the name of one of my favorite songs.  But someone needs to change the words to make them suitable for same-gender couples.

Will someone tell me how to embed a YouTube Video?  That link above will take you to the song by Mary Chapin Carpenter, but I can't put it directly into the blog...

Montauk Daisy - seen a lot on Cape Cod.

Stella D'oro Lilies

Peonies poking through.

Clay Pots awaiting.

Putsing around the yard has its therapeutic value.  There's weight lifting, and using the machines as well as the relaxing chores and the visuals.  I haven't been following the Vatican or the gay press the last few days.  I'm sure not much has changed for the better.  

What a gorgeous spring this year.  What a gift!  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, great pics Frank, and gorgeous flowers. But just reading about all your labors wore me out; I'm not nearly that ambitious in the garden.

    I love "Grow Old Along with Me" too, and like you pondered over a change to the lyrics. I couldn't see a way to do it, but then my ex-roommate suggested simply changing "man and wife together" to "you and I together" - which would work pretty well I guess.

    YouTube: they just changed their page format, but go look for the "Embed" button under the video you want. After you click on that, you get some choices about size (smaller is better) and color of border. Once you make those choices, right click and copy the Embed Code.

    Then in Blogger, start a New Post; right click again and paste the code; and you're done. Super easy.

  2. Those words work for me;do you think Mary will re-record it for us?
    I just noticed that this particular YouTube video has "embedding disabled". Have to look for another one. Thanks.

  3. CJ/Rick thanks for visiting. Love your puppies and I'm most partial to Labs. You can read my posts about Bruno who's been gone nearly 10 months now.

  4. Yeah it sucks that a lot of popular songs are disabled on YouTube. But hunt around, sometimes you can find a version that's embeddable.

    Mary's a pretty cool gal, I don't know why she wouldn't record some ungendered lyrics; I'll call and ask her. Wink.

    BTW, you do know the song was written by John Lennon? I was amazed to learn that, would not have guessed; but think it's one of his very best.

  5. Hey Frank!
    Looks like spring fever has hit your place. Nice photos. Lots of work but worth it, and it feels so good to have survived yet another winter!
    Happy planting.

  6. You are getting pretty sentimental in your old age! I tried to "rip" the Mary Chapin Carpenter video for you but there are fewer and fewer videos that will work any more with iSqint. Maybe I need a newer version. And do you think the Montauk Daisy can also be found in Montauk, Long Island as well as Cape Cod?

  7. i had no idea that cactus grew in that part of the country. and I would give anything to be able to grow ferns out here in phoenix. thank you for the beautiful photos. our flowering season is just about over...time for what's left to fry.

    as to the embedding: once you get the embed code, paste it into your post while in "edit html" mode. then switch to compose to actually see it. (pasting the code into the compose mode never worked. maybe it was just me.)

  8. Thanks for the comment. Checked out your blog, but had trouble loading it - almost like it was viral. Never stopped loading and kept flashing wildly. Is it just me? Come out East for visit - summer is pleasant if it doesn't rain every day like it did last year and compared to Phoenix, its a veritable jungle of trees, vines and other vegetation. Best of all though is the beach.

  9. P.S. Justjock,
    I cannot leave a comment on your blog, it behaves weirdly.



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