Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Florida Retirement

I don't understand the attraction, except for the warm (OK, relatively warm) weather of Florida. There are way too many people down here. It is a flat expanse of shopping, car dealerships, churches (Jesus Walked in the Light of the Way and Everlasting Blessings Evangelical Covenant Pentecostal Bible Church)  and chain restaurants that seems to go on forever. And cars. Lots of cars. 

RV and trailer folks leave behind 2,000 or 3,000 square foot homes on ten acres of land up north to spend 5 or 6 months in a typical RV/Trailer Camp "Resort" : Maybe 250 square feet of mobile home or permanent trailer stacked side by side, ten feet apart along rows and rows. Tenants own their trailers but pay monthly rent (generally about $500/month give or take) to the park, even during the months they are up north. Some parks also charge monthly for water (as much as $40/mo), trash removal, and other "amenities" while they require tenants to keep their lawns mowed or otherwise kept up to park standards at their own expense. Electricity is not included nor is cable TV, telephone, internet service or propane. Trailers must be registered with motor vehicles and each half of a double wide must be registered separately. Then there's insurance, FL drivers license and automobile registration and insurance. Not to mention finding a doctor (or doctors) to keep tabs on any health problems. The "snowbird" lifestyle is not cheap or simple.
Flamingo type birds at WalMart


Speaking of birds - I'm on the bicycle path overpass and at eye level with this street light - thinking what it might be like to be a bird flying in for a perch.  It gives me vertigo.  I guess if I were a bird, I'd be a chicken.  The picture does not convey the vertigo part.


  1. If you were a bird you'd be a chicken. Loving that! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to watch the chicken judging at the local county fairs here in the midwest. You'd have some old farm woman poking you and stroking your feathers, all the while yammering on about the firmness of the breasts and legs...

  2. We loved our years in Florida on the Gulf coast (the better coast). A really cool thing about Florida is that the highways are rarely patrolled (in my experience) and the speed limit is optional. We'd regularly go over 100mph up to Tampa. We wouldn't dare to that here in Ohio.



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