Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day at Jensen Beach

We left Ft. Lauderdale this morning and met up with Sarah and Robbie, the girls from Blondie's in Bristol, CT.  Their hamburger joint is a seasonal operation and has great food and the best fries in town - better than 5 guys.  They are in Jensen Beach for part of this winter and believe me, they are a stitch.  Had a lot of laughs, and a great day, though we didn't get far on our way home...oh well, life is too short not to stop and have a beach day.
Poor Robbie sliced her thumb by accident so is wearing the rubber glove to keep the water and sand out of the dressing...good thing it happened toward the end of their vacation, not a good thing that it happened at all.

Another modest beach-front property

Sarah, a Florida native, is a surfer.  Leon is posing for Surfer-boy of the year.

Bridge from Jensen Beach

Leon wants you to know about our gas milage; I am just happy the car did not take off uncontrollably at 120 miles per hour.
Entering South Carolina heading North


  1. Really have been enjoying your great FL pics. We've talked occasionally about checking out FL, esp. the St. Pete area, so it has been nice to have first-hand information from an objective source. Thanks!

    For us, it would be more of a major journey, due to the distance involved, but it's always nice to dream.

    Glad you guys are having a good time.

  2. It was somewhat of a "major journey" of roughly 1,500 miles, over 3,000 round trip.
    We have mixed feelings about Florida. Flat, uninteresting landscapes, nice winter weather, unbearable summer weather, extremely dense populations concentrated along the coasts, wealth beyond belief, foreclosures and empty high-rises and stores, wicked traffic in metro areas, nice weather in winter - did I already say that? - pythons, fire ants, and alligators among other wild things, not very gay friendly, except in a few cities, high prices for food, groceries and other commodities, nice weather in winter, too many people, nice weather in winter....

  3. What a Great Blog...Your visit with us was one of our highlights being down in Jensen Beach!! We hope that Frank treasures the sea glass that Leon took hours to find for him. Humm, maybe you can make a necklace out of it!!

    Love you guys, and look forward to seeing you this weekend. P.S. Happy Birthday Frank, dont forget to sign all of your SS checks over to me from now on....hehehehehehe

    And for everyone else, we will be opening back up on April 2nd. Mention Franks blog and get a free mound of fresh cut fries,,,,,,yummy!!!

    Robbie and Sarah :)

  4. You Girlz Rock. Now don't be giving away free food just cuz of my blog. You gotta start saving for next Winter in Florida!



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