Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bible Belt Radio

Religious stations throughout northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia dominate the FM dial.  There is preaching, proselytizing, music interspersed with bible verses, Country Western bible music, plain ole bible music, and WWJD attitude for miles. It was a challenge to locate Public Radio at all.

While we could not bear to listen to religious radio for very long while driving through the countryside, we did catch a few grains of brimstone here and there.  What I did notice was not so much the content but a tone that was either new or, more likely new to my perception.  I can only describe this tone or nuance as anxiety.  It seems as though the fundamentalists are terrified that the secularization of society (read: sin) will bring on the wrath of God and that they, the innocent bystanders will be caught in the crossfire.

They are no longer concerned about the souls of sinners except insofar as the retribution directed at sinners will affect their nice little lives with their rigid delusional beliefs. Their awareness is accompanied by desperation; the B-bangers seem to take seriously their responsibility to convert the larger secular society, not because they have any genuine love for the souls of sinners, but because they really fear that their failure to do so will be their undoing.

Perhaps the fundamentalist evangelical point of view is really failing to reach beyond its source community to significantly influence contemporary culture and mores. Are the bangers developing a real inferiority complex?


  1. My first time down to NC I noticed the trend of churches everywhere and yes the fire and brimstone on the radio.

    It got so bad I stopped at a local R/S and got an FM modulator so I could hook my iPod up in the car.

    That is the problem with most of the south btw. There's nothing to do but go to church. Not a good life at all.

  2. As a native Southerner, I'm not hearing anything new in your description - except that in this day and age, there's much more concern with the political aspects than there used to be.

    So here's the deal now: God is a straight white male Republican. If you aren't, you are a worthless piece of shit, and fuck you if you don't like it, you hellbound creep.

    Which of course raises the question of exactly who is made in whose image?



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