Saturday, February 27, 2010

We've "All Gone to Look for America "

More Moss
Not counting DC, this state is tied for first place for highway fatalities per 100,000 population.
People drive like it's a roller derby.  The more players knocked off, the more room on the track for the rest of us.
This appeared to be part of the same accident pictured above.  The pick-up truck was on our side of the highway, southbound, in the right break-down lane.  The auto (above) was on the other side of the highway/median guard rail.  Your guess is as good as ours as to what happened to land them in those positions.
But there's good money to be made by survivors and lawyers.

I'm sure that that has something to do with the state's low priority for safe driving.
There's also lots of money in motor homes and toys like this Harley.
And a rather utilitarian, architecturally un-distinctive bridge.

We are staying in a Gay B&B for the next seven nights.  Where?
Pics tomorrow.


  1. Well, glad to see you boys came to your senses finally and are enjoying some of our Southern climate and delights.

    I missed the first two posts but this looks like either Jax or Tampa, maybe you are headed to St. Pete or Pass-a-Grille Beach? I know there's a gay beach and some B&B's there.

    Y'all enjoy, wherever you are.

  2. Looks like FL. Are you guys in the Keys?

    Be careful wherever you are and watch out for the poco-loco drivers.

  3. Thanks Russ, for the Southern hospitality. We are staying in St. Pete. What is Pass-a-grille Beach? We'll have to look it up. Planning to go to DeSoto one day.
    Gary, Well, not quite the Keys but well below the snow line.

  4. Pass-a-grille Beach is one the southernmost islands off the St. Pete peninsula. Go to the Don Cesar and hang a left, it's right down there at the end of that island.

    There were some gay bars down there 20 years ago. Also a big gay bar right on the beach up at Indian Rocks Beach, looked like the Flintstones' house.

    But who knows what all they have down there now. Whatever, y'all have fun and enjoy yourselves in the Sunshine State.

    Tell 'em Russ sent you.



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