Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too Much of Nature's Beauty

I must say I'm getting tired of winter, despite the beauty of the new-fallen snow.

View from bedroom window.

Pottery by the Virgin Mary

Virgin in the Snows

Francis in the Snows

Yucca Filamentosa variegata in nevia (made that up)

Hammock in the Snow

Just me in the snow

Snow on Pine Needles

Snow on Mountain Laurel

Snow Crystals

Crooked Mountain Laurel

House through the Woods

Spring will be very welcomed this year.


  1. Spring is starting here in RI. Temps are starting the upward swing (40's day, and its starting to go above freezing at night!) and the rains are here.

    Not bad for southern New England.

  2. Great pics Frank, very pretty. We were supposed to get snow last night again; but nary a flake here.

    I know what you mean about winter; it's at the point where it's no fun anymore, just cold and mean. A downer. I'd like to curl up and hibernate till April . . . .

  3. Nice photos, Frank.

    I agree with you about being sooo ready for spring. We finally have bare ground around here, but parts of the nearby mountains got upwards of another 4 feet of the white stuff this past weekend. Skiers think they've died and gone to heaven in all that powder.

    Keep looking for the sun!

  4. As a former skier I know that was the only fun part of winter. Indigenous northern folk and skiers have many words of "snow". We rarely get powder in the several feet category out east and last night we got something akin to a slushy without the syrup.



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