Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day/Valentine's Day, The Movie

Honey took me to see the matinee showing  of Valentine's Day, the movie. As romantic comedies go, Valentine's Day was cute, well done, had good characters and a nicely woven story line.  It did seem like one of those "let's see how many unemployed  actors we can get into one movie" kind of movie.  I am no movie reviewer, so I can't say much more about that.

But from a gay perspective, I'm not sure whether to be pleased or insulted.  Yes, there was a gay couple in  the story line, but I can see why the trailers left that out.  First, the gay couple's relationship was not highlighted - its joys and foibles were not ever explored like those of the straight couples.  Second, the gay relationship was purposely hidden from the audience so  that it would come as a "surprise" (no surprise), and revealing it in a trailer might have spoiled it.

But I am insulted by the fact that the wonderful guy who gave up his personal car so that Julia Roberts could get home to her son, walks in on his football hero gay lover who's asleep in a chair, brushes his face with a flower and gazes longingly at him, as if to say, "god, I wish I could kiss you on screen, but there are straight people watching and they might freak out."

While the inclusion of a gay couple makes the film more "with it", the failure to portray the relationship with any depth or dimension is just outright cowardly.  The fact that they didn't even allow them a kiss, is, well, beyond insulting.

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  1. Not even a kiss? In a movie titled "Valentine's Day"??

    Shit. That sucks big time. And not in a good way. I'll scratch that one off my list now.



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