Tuesday, December 1, 2009

St. Sebastian

I am posting these photos of a painting of St. Sebastian for Russ Manley of Blue Truck, Red State  who mentioned the Saint in a recent post and for Sebastian of Suffer the Arrows whose blog is named for him.  This outdoor mural was photographed somewhere near Populonia and Piombino in Italy in 2002 while we were on Holiday, as they say.

This rather contemporary Sebastian struck us as being very gay - painted by artist Daniele Govi.


  1. Hey thanks Frank, it's a beautiful mural. And such an apt metaphor for my young life: bound, wounded, locked away and fenced off from any human touch of compassion or mercy. That's how it felt, anyway; and then there was the whole big ugly soul-wrenching guilt trip to come from the church over masturbation and sexuality, which you have described so perfectly yourself, I can hardly think of a word to add from my own experience along that line.

    But there's one detail about this painting that doesn't quite fit: I'd have killed to have those six-pack abs and muscular thighs. Grin.

  2. Russ, glad you liked it. Feel free to drag and drop onto your hard drive.



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