Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Giada

Made sweet potato gnocchi with turkey meatballs for dinner.  Saw Giada make the gnocchi on the Food Network the other day.  They came out very good, light and airy but not spectacular.  I made the sage butter sauce but no maple syrup as I just couldn't pair gnocchi with maple, sorry Giada.  I also used a bit less cinnamon and added a dash of nutmeg.  I think I put in too little salt.

With a side of November Broccoli from the garden


  1. How can you be a New Englander and not like maple syrup with just about anything?

    As I've taken on new dishes I've learned that odd pairings of flavors can actually work very well.

  2. Sorry, but maybe its my upbringing; despite the fact that "maple syrup is not just for breakfast anymore", for me it is a condiment confined to pancakes and waffles. For the sake of rebellion, I will, however give it a try, next time I make Giada's sweet potato gnocchi (which in itself is very non-traditional).
    Buon Appetito.



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