Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing is Simple

This is just a small sample of what we each seem to need to stay connected now-a-days.  This doesn't include the computers, the TVs, the PVR, the DVD Player/Recorder, Stereo, Speakers, Cordless Phones, Cell Phones, GPS, EZPass, Cameras, Remote Controls, Keyless Keys, etc., ad nausea.

Things seem to be getting way out of hand.  Wires. Connections.  Chargers. iPods.  Phones.  Cameras.  Bluetooth.  Memory.  Smartcards.  Batteries.  USBs.  But its not only electronic devices but finances, insurance, even grocery shopping.  The company that held my measly 403b account suggested a rollover to an IRA account so I called to get the paperwork.  What arrived was 250 plus page "Prospectuses" with assorted flyers, brochures, folders and forms.  Is this really necessary?  Especially when the brochure says that their "Rollover IRA is as Easy as 1, 2, 3." Only a Madoff could understand the paperwork.

I also recently qualified for our state's low income health insurance plan.  While I will save a considerable amount on monthly premiums, I may have entered a more challenging  adventure in health care than I bargained for.  I had to change my primary care provider to a doctor "in the network".  Should I ever need a specialist, good luck.  There are few if any "in the network".  I was told that I would have to talk to the doctor, ask them if they would accept the payment rates that the Plan has determined, then get my PCP to make an "out of network referral".  If no specialist will accept the totally inadequate payments, then I either pay out of pocket, or go without treatment.  I'm glad I am in pretty good health right now.

And, well grocery shopping has its own challenges.  At least six stores on the main drag compete for customers.  Their weekly flyers are so crowded with pictures and fine print that I can't imagine most people taking the time to go trough them.  Then there's the credit card company that is offering 5% cash back on groceries.  I know I called to "enroll in the program" (Why do you have to enroll? Why can't it just be automatic?  That would be too convenient.)  I'm in the checkout line when I remember the cashback bonus points, "Now was that my AARP Visa Card or my Discover Card?"  One of them gives 5% on gas but only on up to the first $100 per month, the other on travel, but only until December, one on groceries through November and don't they both give 1% on everything?.....

So things are tight.  We will be trying to sell our junk at an indoor tag sale in a couple of weeks.  It is a benefit for the ARC.  So I was busy making some arts and crafts to supplement the junk we gathered up from around the house and basement.  Here are some of my creations.  What do you think?  Will anyone pay a buck?

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