Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, I Think - They All Start Feeling The Same

Lone Ship, Probably the Hindu

Sunset Last Evening

Sunset on the Wharf

Today was quiet and peaceful. The weather was clear, sunny, dry, warm, and with just the right breeze. A 10. I went to the far side of Herring Cove, near Hatches Harbor. It was virtually deserted.

I had myPod and chose to listen to Italian music all day. It made me think of my dad who loved to listen to Italian records, especially all the Neapolitan songs. It would make him happy to sing along although he never spoke Italian.

What struck me most, and with some sadness, is the fact of his absence and with it any memory of what he had lived and experienced...the fact that that history is gone forever. But his love of Italian music lives on in me..."Volare, Oh, Oh, Cantare, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh..."

Today at Herring Cove/Hatches' Harbor

My 30 minute meal tonight (Rachel Ray, I'll take you on anytime) was Pan Seared Tuna with a Bread Crumb Crust, Braised Fennel with Olive Oil, Garlic, Dry Vermouth and Lemon, White Rice, and a glass of Dry Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist. In town, maybe $40, plus tax and tip. Home made, about $7. I was too hungry to take pictures.

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