Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Provincetown Reflections

Monday, September 7, Labor Day

My first full day on my own in PTown. Leon is home, gone back to work for a couple of weeks. I’m here with only my bicycle and two legs for transportation. I expect that a good number of the campers here in the campground will pull out this afternoon or tomorrow. Today’s agenda: finish up a grant and email it to my employer; maybe bike/hike out to the beach. The weather has been just about perfect. Probably the best of the entire summer.

Beach Art

Tuesday, September 8th.

A funky day. Had plans to get an early start but didn't. Took care of some phone calls, getting the holding tank pumped, checking email in town, getting a haircut, biking through town and to the beach. Biking through town is a challenge for us 60 somethings. Trying to squeeze through the traffic and the pedestrians...the guy in that SUV is just standing there, creating an impassable space, "Come on, come on. What's your problem?" my inside voice comes through. "I'm turning, what's your problem" I get in response. (My inside voice thinks, "People like you" but I peddle on with an uneasy feeling.)

There is that familiar feeling of not belonging. There are PTown townies, PTown seasonals, PTown regulars, PTown tourists. I guess we are "regulars", but even that doesn't quite fit. It is different when you are with people you know as opposed to being anonymous in a crowd. As if being invisible until our or another's personal space is invaded.

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