Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Morning on Commercial Street

Another nice day here, partly cloudy, breezy, cool.

Reflections on a town

Province Town. A place of contrasts. It is a town where some feel the need to display what they consider their best features: a chiseled face, muscular arms, hairy chests, a boyish look, stylish clothes. The women, I think are less self-conscious. Many here, both men and women, strive only to be themselves. Sometimes it is overstated or phony or desperate or funny or sad.

One would think that the pretty boys and muscle men try to impress, but really they are as much trapped in their own skin as the rest of us: the old, the fat and the ugly. We all carry around a history embedded in flesh: our personal experience is lived through only that one body and no other. And that body to some degree determines what we experience, how we relate to others, how they relate to us and even sometimes what road we travel. Those with that universal quality of attractiveness, those who exude sexuality, don't always carry it well. What a pity.

What the pretty boys and the muscle guys do have is an element of distraction - a way of diverting our attention from their flaws. The rest of us have flaws diverting attention away from our beauty. (I'm trying desperately here in PTown, to believe that.)

See the Spiritus Web Cam; or the Commercial Street Web Cam.



My Dinner Last Night: Blackened Center Cut Pork Chop, Rice Cooked with Sauteed Onion, Garlic and Baby Bella Mushrooms, Steamed Broccoli. Glass of Merlot. Approximate cost: $4. In town: $65.

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