Friday, July 24, 2009

Flowers, Lovely Flowers

Despite the incessant rain there are some flowers that bloomed and caught on camers before they either became rain damaged or eaten by slugs. I drive around town and notice that gardens are not as vibrant, that flowers are beaten down by the rain, that there is no fullness in the displays. All there seem to be are homely hostas and daylilies. Hostas should not be allowed to flower, in my opinion. They are ugly and the lavander shades are not pleasing to my eye.

Here are some from my garden: Opuntia and one that has the most unusual motly variegated flowers I've seen. I bought the plant at a Farm Stand in Colrain, MA. I don't remember the name of the species...but here are the pics.

Our Northeast native winter hardy Opuntia or Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom

Some unknown variety - absolutely lovely, but the blossoms are short lived

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