Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Escaping the New England Monsoons

Trying to escape the lousy weather we've been stuck with for over a month. Visited Leon's sister in Pennsylvania for a few days, then off to a gay campground in New York. We're finding the weather in Pennsylvania and Western New York much more pleasant (we actually had sunshine for more than ten minutes) than the never ending rains in New England. Although it has been quite chilly even here for July...blanket weather and we actually ran the propane heat in the camper for brief periods to get the chill out.

Today did not look promising for the pool so we drove to Niagara Falls for the day with Dave, Al, Bob and Bob. It was a gorgeous day - sunny, some clouds, warm but not hot. It was my first time seeing the falls and it was quite spectacular.

One view

Frank and Leon

Another view

The boys: Bob, Albert, Bob, Dave

Another view

Water out of sky

This is our first real trip without Bruno and we do miss him alot. It is so different not to have him with us.

Back in Pennsylvania . . .
Leon's sister Brenda with Gage

Albert "Cowboy"

Brenda and Gage

Later At Hillside, not bad pictures of me.

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