Monday, April 13, 2009

Bird of Paradise

We have a large pot with a huge Strelitzia nicolai and smaller Birds of Paradise growing around it. I think they must be 12 years old or more. Being out of their native habitat, they never have flowered of course. The planter goes out in the summer and in in the fall. There have been many autumns that I considered leaving it outdoors to die, but I never have the heart.

Never flowered...until today I noticed a flash of orange.

I wish I believed in signs. This would be a sign.

To have a living Bird of Paradise flower blooming in our house in New England. That is a real thrill. This is just too cool.
A few days later and the bird got its second set of wings.

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  1. Congratulations!, I also have been able to grow a flowering bird of paradise plant indoors. I am originaly from Madeira Island, Portugal, where they grow almost wildly. I will plant a full grown plant in the ground this Spring, Plymouth Ma is a 6-7 Zone, I will plant it on a protected corner by the sunroom and will cover it with burlup for the Winter. Wish me luck! Genie



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