Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five Lumberjacks

I had five lumberjacks .... at the house today.

We've got (had) this black birch tree near the sunroom that has been dying off and losing branches for the past few years. Probably because when we dug out the hill and put in the stone wall five or six years ago, we hacked out a couple of the tree's roots that were protruding into the new pathway and patio. Anyhow, the tree had to go to avoid any potential damage to the house. We would have done the job ourselves, but because the tree was on a hill and near the house, we called in the tree service. Five lumberjacks showed up. The stuff fantasies are made of.

Here are some clips of the job (and the lumberjacks).

Right after the tree was removed and the lumberjacks cleared out, the birds (finches?) were frantic. Not only was their bird feeder gone but so was the tree it used to hang on. They were actually making distressful chirping sounds. They seemed very upset. Can you imagine how the animals in the woods and forest must feel when some developer comes in a clear-cuts acres of trees to build condos. Like people who lose their homes in a hurricane or tornado.

I strung up the squirrel-proof bird feeder in another tree and it was only a short time before the birds zeroed in on it. They seem content once again.

Pics and videos are taken with a Canon Power Shot SD1100 IS. Still learning how to use it.

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