Sunday, March 9, 2008

Still Winter

Bruno is healed up quite well. He looks like his old self, well except that he's missing a couple of parts. But we agreed not to mention it.

Winter comes and goes about every three or four days. Snow storms followed by rain and 60 degrees, followed by temperatures in the 20's. The flower show last weekend really did little to get spring going. The winter has seemed unusually gray and dismal. Usually after a snowstorm the next day is glorious sunshine. This winter the clouds have lingered for days after the storms.

Besides hiking in the snow, there is little to be done outdoors.

There are lots of fallen branches to clean up, and I'm itching to get the garden turned and ready. Staying home make me stir crazy and indoors is dangerous territory: I end up cooking and baking. Leon was cooking just about everyday "to save heating oil and keep the house warm", then in the evening I'd throw something in the oven...muffins, cranberry bread, oatmeal cookies..."to warm up the house". This weekend it was apple bread pudding made with Portuguese sweet raisin bread, and biscotti with amaretto, almonds and dried cherries and my first attempts at sour dough rye bread. Needless to say the weight is not coming down.

Rye Bread and Biscotti

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