Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not My Idea of a Good Time

Went to see "Bodies Revealed" (no link from me for this one) exhibit yesterday at the old civic center. After interminable waiting at the box office (on the lower floor) and more waiting on the admission line (on the first floor) we were allowed to take the elevator to the exhibit (on the 2nd floor). To sum up my reaction to the exhibit: "I was underwhelmed". Perhaps I've seen too many episodes of CSI and NCIS. The meat department at the grocery store, only plastic parts. Imagine being alive and well one day, then being turned into plastic. A good plot for a writer of ghost stories - souls trapped in the netherworld forever and never able to rest in peace - they haunt the exhibit and travel from city to city.

Not to mention the "profit" angle on this exhibit. Let's say I had no trouble resisting the urge to purchase a Bodies Revealed T-shirt, a plastic skull or a spinal cord or kidney key chain.

I really thought I'd be fascinated. I have an appreciation for nature and science, medical and otherwise. It is remarkable that surgeons can perform operations on organs and systems so closely intertwined. I left the exhibit thinking we are all just made up of a bunch of ugly parts. And really not wanting that impression to stick. Somehow it was too reductionist. I would have preferred an art exhibit.

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