Friday, February 8, 2008

Bruno's Lump Update

Leon brought Bruno Dog to the vet for a quick $48 check of his brain leak, the growth on his head (see a previous post) which started to bleed a bit the other day. I cleaned it with peroxide. Well, the vet now is willing to remove it. Now, veterinary medicine is a business. They gave us a computer generated "estimate" for the surgery, which the Doc said is minor.

The estimate includes, each with a low and high "range": pre-anesthetic blood screen, $60, but because Bruno Dog is over 7 years, a full blood health screening is mandatory at $94. Also included are IV Catheter, Anesthesia, per each 30minutes, cardiac monitoring, tumor removal is at a mere $130, analgesic, antibiotic, medical waste fee, and of course dentistry (while we're at it we may as well clean his 14 year old teeth for $72.00 and if we need to do any extractions at $12 to $121.50 each, we will.) And of course if we suspect the tumor has spread a $99 to $120 x-ray will help, with a $5 hazardous waste fee. And for $45 plus a $14.50 registration fee, we can implant a microchip ID. Total estimate, without x-rays, extractions or microchip, $664.50 (low) to $1,354.75 (high).

I can't help think the cost would have been considerably less a year ago when the growth was the size of a tick. But then the vet said, "It's not likely malignant. The anesthesia, at Bruno's age, is more risky than the growth, so we recommend leaving it alone." That was well and good; considerate; compassionate; whatever. But being the cynic that I am, I just can't help but wonder....

Anyhow, we have to decide. Bruno has his annual physical next week and that will run $200 or more. I think we'll fore go the dentistry, x-rays, the anesthesia (just want to see if you're paying attention) and the spring vacation. Anyone got a calculator?

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