Saturday, October 20, 2007


My hubby is president of the Nutmeg Chapter of Lambda Car Club and I'm the reluctant first lady. Cars are practical machines; sure some vintage cars are works of art, but, well give me flowers.
Garden flowers are scarce in the Northeast in late October, but I try to make do with what nature has available. Every so often my flower arranging gene take over. Yeah, I believe there's some genetic connection between this urge to arrange vegetation and the attraction to other males...especially when I'm hosting the Car Club guys.

We held this month's meeting at our place today and I got to cater the event. We expected 25 to 30 but there were only about 14 of us. Some of the guys hiked up back, to the junkyard to look at old cars. Now can there be a genetic connection between the urge to look at junk cars and an attraction to other males?...The weather's been warm for October, so we sat outside.

I made baked shells with ricotta and sausage. And the hot legs were a hit.

It's hubby's birthday on Tuesday, so for dessert I made him a Birthday Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. This thing has every food group in it and can be considered a completely balanced meal! One pound of carrots, eggs, orange juice, walnuts, raisins, flour, crisco, hazelnut oil, cream cheese, and of course sugar to make it delectable. I don't have a gay cake decorator gene, so candy corn had to do.

Leon is about to blow...I didn't have 46 candles, thankgod. Carrot cake is his favorite. The guys liked the cake so, my day of catering was a success. And the "car-talk" didn't dominate the I actually had a good time.

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