Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007

Well its happening everywhere. Night before Halloween vandalism. I won't even dignify the practice by using its nomenclature. If these criminals didn't hit other homes in the neighborhood, we would have considered the possibility that it was a "hate crime" given the graffiti. We moved here seven and a half years ago, partly because of crap like this in the "borderline" neighborhood we used to live in. The camper is at the bottom of our driveway, pretty much out of sight from the house.

Here are some photos of the mess they made.

Thing is, in 7 years we've never had a Trick-or-Treater come to our door. The first Halloween, we had five bags of Hershey bars and Kit-Kats and Reeses Cups, you know, quality treats, all ready for an onslaught. Granted there are not a lot of homes in the neighborhood; I figured on having a few leftovers for us. Not one little devil, or witch, or scarecrow or ghost.

The second year we only bought two bags. Still not a monster. But I still buy at least two bags of good stuff, cuz you never know.

So, getting back to the vandalism -

Two local cops banged on the door at 7:30 this morning as Leon was getting out of the shower, running around naked, to inform him of the damage. I'd already left.

They suggested he clean it up right away. To minimize the impact and satisfaction the thugs might enjoy. Leon cleaned it up nicely, though it was a tough job and made him late getting to his first customer.

I'm tempted to go down to the camper tonight, turn on the heat and see who knocks. I have candy. Armed with Treats, I'll hold the Almond Joys and Reeses as bribes while I interrogate each kid who comes by, "What do you know about the nefarious neighborhood Spray-Painters? Have you heard of that rap group whose name was painted on the side of this camper? How much do you like chocolate? Talk or NO Treat!"

But its not worth it. There'll be no goblins tonight. But next year, the night before Halloween, we'll be waiting for them. I'll weave a giant spider's web, and they'll be sorry.

May all the gay Saints bless you this Halloween evening.

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