Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Apple A Day

That was about it. Well, two days, tops. Returned the iPhones today and re-did our ATT accounts again; it's still not simple. Back to ordinary cell phones that have voice recognition. And our retirement funds are SO much better off.

Today is also Leon's birthday, though we had more of a celebration on Saturday. Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you.

Today also marks one year at the job. I never thought I'd make it through the first week. When I took this job - writing grant proposals for a homeless shelter - it was out of desperation. And that desperation was exacerbated by the sense that I am on the shorter end of the life-line and that the time for dreams has past. I was still hoping that I would finally find my passion and a job that matched it.

I've always marveled at (envied) the 97 year old violinist (concert pianist, jazz musician) showcased regularly on Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes, who has been playing the violin (piano, saxophone) since the age of 5, and still can't wait to make music each day. (Why do they always seem to be musicians?) Their work is what they most enjoy doing.

By accepting this job I was admitting that I've run out of chips, that there is no chance left for luck, that the real possibilities of life have all evaporated. Another job. On Monday, waiting for Friday; at 8:30 AM, waiting for 4:30PM. To say the least, my heart isn't in it. So here it is, a year later, no closer to retirement, no richer, and still looking. The drawbacks of being a reluctant rebel.

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