Sunday, March 12, 2006

Road Trip to Texas, Oklahoma

Cadillac Ranch

Wednesday March 8, 2006

Put miles on through NM and Texas: a quick roadside pilgrimage to the Cadillac Ranch. Spent overnight at Wal-Mart in Oklahoma where we were attacked by no fewer than 23 shopping carts in what looked like a scene from the Twilight Zone: it's 2:00am and there is a heavy wind-driven rain, distant lightening and a swarm of animate shopping carts having communicated with one another, simultaneously exiting thier corrals and willfully charging across the parking lot at 35 miles per hour headed toward our truck and camper. Fortunately only one hit the truck wheel-well molding causing minor damage. I wish I had video.

Trucking is an unbelievable phenomenon: the sheer quantity of tractor-trailers constantly on the move over interstate highways, especially in the south is mind-boggling. How much diesel fuel is consumed daily? How many truckers are there? Are any of them cute? Do all of them talk like Boomhauer? Could someone do the math? Are they all transporting useless junk made in China by folks who go home and laugh about the things that Americans buy: talking fish, tacky souvenirs, collectable teddy bears and plastic lawn ornaments?

Truckers in Texas

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