Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day of Our Lives

Like sand through the hour glass...revising a resume, filling out applications, on-line job searches, exploring health insurance options...the days go by quickly.

Meanwhile the Dog had to go for his yearly vet visit and we're told that surgery to remove a large fatty tumor is now recommended. Because of its size, we should expect it to cost at the "high-end" of the estimate of $500 to $1100. I can't help but think that if we had had the tumor removed when it was smaller and though we were told that surgery was not necessarily indicated, it could have been done at the "low-end" of the estimate.

Going through imaginary job interviews: how will I answer the question "Why did you leave your last job?" I won't describe how this fantasy goes.

This has also been a time for questioning our financial and "legal" arrangements. Our state has legalized civil unions as an alternative to the real thing. Does this mean that we have less legal standing as an un-married, un-unionized couple than we did before civil unions were made legal. This is not an idea entirely without merit. Some companies are now requiring those previously recognized as "domestic partners" to enter into a civil union in order to keep health benefits. Are our wills now obsolete? Is our joint ownership of our home different than if we were civil unioned? What kind of mess is this anyhow? I can see the day when we will not be fighting for the right to marry but for the right not to have to marry.

Enough for one day of our lives.

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