Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Road Trip

Saturday, 2/11/06
Got everything packed in record time and Leon, the Dog and I were on the road in less than 24 hours to beat the blizzard. It's 9am and we are getting miles under our wheels. A diesel stop or two, and the snow is coming; find a motel in Haggersown, PA. at about 5:30pm. Almost 400 miles from home.

Sunday, 2/12/06
On the road at 9:00am with 6 inches of snow on the ground.
I am feeling suprisingly relieved of my job responsibilities and stress. I don't think I really appreciated the degree to which the stresses of the job were effecting me. It is such a dysfunctional system we adapt to...where the financial remuneration is adequate but by no means enriching, where there is the ever-controlling "Health Insurance Plan" that we fear ever losing, and a few weeks of vacation time that we end up living for, and using like it were the rare and precious commodity that it is.

These things keep us locked in and conforming even while our work load increases due to insane federal and state goverment paperwork, absurd record-keeping and agency staff shorages. We adjust, we adapt, we lose sleep, we have backaches, we "somaticise", we over eat, we become grouchy, depressed, and hopeless. We are trapped in our security. The thing that gets me is that I have said it before, many times, that the work environment was stressful, dysfunctional, unhealthy and unhappy, not only for myself but for co-workers as well. And it needn't have been so. It should have been a happy, pleasant place to work; it could have been a dynamic, cutting edge, exciting place but remained static, demanding and stressful. Right now I am free of it all!

Arrived at Leon's mom's house in South Carolina about 8pm after a snowy ride through the mountains of N/S Carolina. The camper and truck are filthy with slush and mud.

Monday 2/13/06
Record cold, which is most often the case when we've been south in the winter: We've seen the ice storms in Georgia and frost in Florida on more than one trip. I am convinced that the southern states engage in misleading and deceptive advertising and creating myths that lead northerners to believe that it is warm here all year long.

Did some camper chores, cleaning, organizing. Dinner with the family.

Tuesday, 2/14/06
Happy Valentine's Day. Yeah, Right! I don't get chocolates or flowers. It's just not Leon's thing. We are almost always traveling on February 14 (last year it was Hawaii, before that Italy) We usually enjoy our time together, sans chocolate or flowers, which is romantic in a quiet sort of way.

Truck maintaninence scheduled for today at Leon's brother's garage. Beautiful day, sunny and spring-like. Still enjoying my liberation.

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