Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Road Trip to San Antonio

Well, the weather is not what we expected in south Texas. It remains cold, damp and dreary, like New England in late November. Even so, San Antonio is a pretty city, at least the tourist area from the Alamo to the Mercado. The River Walk is quite a landscaping and engineering marvel, with natural and man-made features blending into an artist canvass at every turn.

For what seems like such a progressive city, the LGBT population is quite subdued. There is no LGBT press but the San Antonio Current did a gay /lesbian issue. The climate here is oppressive to say the least. It is like turning back the gay liberation clock to 1960's. Texans take this "don't mess with Texas" crap seriously and they apparantly resist any progressive changes. They passed a law to prevent same sex marriage, just to be sure. Well there's one Texan who's been messing with the rest of us, and it's about time we all wake up.

Have been feeling a hint of depression in the wind and trying to keep it at bay. Wondering what my options are. I need to deal with feelings without letting them cripple me. This trip is maybe 50% escape and 50% personal journey. I really need to leave the overwhelming stresses of that job behind me and feel the strength that comes with relief and freedom.

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  1. FD,
    You should consider writing for your new found "free" time as what you have composed here is good as any published articles as I have read! Keep it up!



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