Saturday, February 18, 2006

Road Trip from Cajun Country to Corpus Christi


Friday 2/17/06
Spent last night at “Land O’ Pines” campground in Covington, LA. When we returned from New Orleans about 10pm last night the camp was filled with work trucks, heavy equipment and lots of reconstruction workers who commute the hour into New Orleans to work on rebuilding the city. Unfortunately, most of the guys were already asleep, though a few were still sitting out in the warm evening air. We unofficially renamed the campground “Camp Testosterone”. “L” and I had some interesting fantasies last night.

Stopped at Zoe’s Bakery on the way out of Covington this morning to get a King Cake. (my first attempt to do a link) It is a Mardi Gras season specialty and it will be our breakfast for a week if we keep it in the freezer. Zoe was hiring and I was briefly tempted to stay. There is plenty of work here, with lots of places offering sign-up bonuses and benefits.

When traveling I am always struck by fact that there are so. so many people, (perhaps too many people) all doing people things, all filled with self-importance and totally myopic. How in the scheme of things our individual lives are pretty insignificant, “It’s a Wonderful Life” notwithstanding. Our lives are lived for the most part within a small geographical circle, familiar territory. We are consumed by our own needs, crises, passions and drama. Even with TV and instant news from around the world, we aren’t aware of the pervasiveness of the quotidian and mundane. We are bombarded with stories of “important people” doing “important things” (like for Vice Presidents shooting lawyers). Not passing judgment, just an observation.

Saturday 2/18/06
Big traffic jam due to construction from the Texas boarder to Beaumont, TX. Signs of hurricane Rita all around. Even where hurricanes haven’t hit, it seems that humanity has succeeded in trashing 90% of the land that is occupied. The sheer volume of junk amassed by humans: rusting vehicles, machinery parts, assorted appliances, and miscellaneous garbage form prominent landscapes along America’s highways. Mismatched buildings and hideous structures that don’t deserve being described as “architecture” serve as dwellings and businesses. There is little, if any aesthetic for the masses, and it seems, little desire for it. The world so desperately needs more gays, if only to make it prettier!


Spent the night in WalMart’s parking lot in El Campo, TX because it was getting late and we had a long rough ride into Houston, through Houston and out of Houston. One word this morning: “cold”. Two words this morning: “wet”, “cold”. There are palm trees here, it is not supposed to be this cold.

Got into Corpus Christi this afternoon. "L" keeps calling it "Corpus Crispie"; it's his Pennsylvania "accent".

Still cold, wet and windy. Drove out to Padre Island. Granted it is winter, but the scenery here can’t compare to Cape Cod and Province Lands or the coast of Maine. It’s a shame New England summers are so short.

We only partially realize how totally irresponsible the decision to travel cross-country with our camper was. Given we are not financially in great shape, with “L” not working steadily during the winter and me, without any job at all. This trip will cost us. But, life gave us some “lemons” so we are “making lemonade”. Was this gutsy or just plain foolish?

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